Beginners setup questions

Need you assistance for building a setup for my teams , and i don’t know how to start.
here are my guideline :
Group: Customer1_ENG
Users: Custumer1_ENG1, Cutomer1_ENG2 ….
Group: Customer2_ENG
Users: Custumer2_ENG1, Cutomer2_ENG2 ….
Group: Customer3_ENG
Users: Custumer3_ENG1, Cutomer3_ENG2 ….
Group: Support_Group1
Users: Support_Group1_eng1, Support_Group1_eng2 ….
Group: Support_Group2
Users: Support_Group2_eng1, Support_Group2_eng2 ….

Support_Group1 – handle group of products A
Support_Group2 – handle group of products B

I want that users from one group will be able to see all tickets of their group only (can’t see other tickets at all).
Each customer group can have different SLA per product , and can see different custom fields when opening tickets

Thanks for your help,


You want to organize your users into groups, and assign groups with the appropriate permissions to queues: Queues are to separate tickets from each other, e.g. for each customer.
Different SLA can be set per queue only, not per user, group or “product”.
Custom fields can be assigned to all kinds of objects, like groups, users, queues, tickets, …

My proposal: Set up a Request Tracker instance for testing and see if you can map your requirements to the structure given by RT. RT is very flexible in a lot of ways, but not regarding the basic structure of users/groups/roles/queues.

Bye, Daniel

Thank you for your respond,

so , i can prevent user to open a ticket on another queue? or even see
the other queue.

different SLA per queue is ok , is there a tutorial to setup SLA for queue ?



Yes, you can prevent to see queues for users or groups, and you can also prevent creating tickets for users or groups in certain queues. See this screenshot about group permissions on a queue:

About SLA: Yes, there are tutorials, and setting up SLA is not very hard:

But: We never managed to enable escalations based on SLA, and although I asked in several places but no one could help us: RT 4.4: Configuring escalations with various rt-crontool options, but none are working

Bye, Daniel

Thank you Daniel,

It help a lot !!!

I made the configuration for the queue and it’s working fine.