Batch Rights modification with CLI

Has anyone had success using the CLI interface to batch update a queue’s
Group Rights? The documentation hints that it is possible, but provides
no syntax examples.

I have CLI working with 3.8.4, and can add and remove groups and queues,
update tickets, etc. but I seem to be missing something in the syntax.
I have searched the mailing list and Wiki, but have found no answers.

From the documentation this command:

Show group/1924/rights/3

Should show the rights assigned to group 1924 for queue 3. However,
this just returns the same output as

Show group/1924

Additionally from the documentation it seems that this command should
add Watch rights for group 1924 to queue 3:

Rt edit group/1924/rights/21 add=Watch

This does not return any output, and does not update the rights

Is this feature unimplemented, or am I doing it wrong? Is there a
better way to do this? Direct SQL manipulation?

Any help is appreciated!

Ian Smith
Production Resource Group
Ismith at prg dot com