AW: rt3 - create ticket bug?

that’s pretty weird.

here is my environment:
8.1 Suse Linux
rt3.0.0.0 (current)
apache_1_3_26, mod_perl_1_27, myslql-max-4_0_12
perl 5.8.0

-----Urspr�ngliche Nachricht-----Von: Strange, PJ (Philippa) []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 3. April 2003 17:17
An: ‘’;
Betreff: RE: [rt-users] rt3 - create ticket bug ?

I don’t see that error and I can certainly create identical tickets to the
same queue.

I’m using rt-3-0-0rc1


From: Gerald Fehringer []
Sent: 03 April 2003 16:07
Subject: [rt-users] rt3 - create ticket bug ?

hi fellows,

i just realised, if i create in the same queue a ticket with the same
subject as a
previous ticket i’ll get follow error in the logfile, after the timeout:

[Thu Apr 3 14:25:44 2003] [error]: WebRT: Queue could not be loaded. ()

could anyone else reproduce this behavior ?


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