AW: RT Performance Problems

Also you might want to make sure you have mysql optimised for
your system, while a ticket is being created try having a
look at what mysql is actually doing by typing “show
processlist” into the mysql command line, if you see any
queries with the status of “writing to disk” that will most
likely be the issue, mysql needs to be allocated more
memory… there are quite a few other little things you can
tweak with mysql.

Actually i thought there ist a possibility, to give the mails directly to postfix, i heard something like sendmailpipe… Won´t this help ?
I encounter performance problems only when creating tickets and sending as a result of this mails. All other jobs are working with very good performance.
I seems that mysql is realy wainting for postfix to send the mail. The machine is a dedicated one with 512MB Ram and a PIII 900 CPU. With an average of 10- 30 Tickets a day only. Seems not too much work for a linux system.