AW: Re: RT bottlenecks

Hi matthew,
Me too, if you have something, pls share.

Does anyone have something to cleanly monitor the rt performance? Response times etc? We are using a scrip at this moment which does a wget and this pain in the ass.

Any idea is welcome

To: Mathew
Sent: Fri Sep 28 17:51:30 2007
Subject: Re: [rt-users] RT bottlenecks

If you have any benchmarking techniques , can you share them please I’ll
be interested in how to monitor RT activities.

Mathew wrote:

Version 3.6.1 actually. I’ll give it a try though and see what happens.
I know there is a benchmarking method that was explained in the RT
training I attended so I’ll look in my documentation and see what I find
for that.

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Roy El-Hames wrote:

What version of RT are you using?
With > 3.6.1, I noticed slowness with transaction custom fields queries,
if you do not use them try and comment out the following lines from

%# if ($Transaction->CustomFieldValues->Count) {
%# <& /Elements/ShowCustomFields, Object => $Transaction &>

You may find tickets display quicker --but again do this if you do not
use Transaction CF’s–


Mathew wrote:

I’ve been informed that some are beginning to complain about the speed
of RT when it comes to loading tickets that contain attachments. This
has led to the question of distributed computing in the way of load
balancing. I’d like to avoid moving in this direction with RT as we
don’t have the need for it. Our user base is small as is our ticket

It would seem that most of the bottleneck comes from actually loading
the page. I’ve found that tickets with numerous transactions (exact
number not known) tend to be slow to load even without attachments.

How should I go about pinpointing the bottleneck so I can find a
solution that won’t require a major tech refresh?


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I use Nagios and Cacti to monitor RT and the box

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