AW: Re: RT and mysql replication

Just to pick up this discussion, this palnned scenario would be very, very clever, should be added to the rt4 wish list.


Btw: on on mysql cluster won’t help if you have on on very big environment, the replica architecture would be the best way i think.From:
Sent: Fri May 04 16:27:05 2007
Subject: Re: [rt-users] RT and mysql replication

Alle 15:39, venerdì 4 maggio 2007, Bob Goldstein ha scritto:

I don’t believe this is an RT question. Mysql supports replication,
for sure at 4.x, and supports clusters at 5.x.

As far as in a replication cluster scenario applications must perform insert
and updates only onto the master db server and can perform select onto an
arbitrary slave server of the cluster, this will be an RT question: code must
be patched to follow this behaviour.

Do the needful at the mysql level, RT doesn’t care.

RT doesn’t care because it use only one cluster server: the master server.

We’re using RT in an heavy duty environment (about 1500/1600 tickets per day),
with about 90 different CRM operators, and using a single mysql server is not
a good deal: if RT can split searches onto some slaves db servers (4/5 slave
server) it can improve all operativeness.

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