AW: Re: Migrating RT 3.4 from MySQL to Oracle

Hi jeff,

We have no plan about the migration to oracle yet but for your mysql problems it could be a good way to not dump the whole db, dump each table instead step by step this helps us in our environment (90 gb db) during last dump.

For your query problem i think you will also have the same problems under oracle like mysql, context searches are killing our system too (64 proc pseries) so a clever way of handling this kind of searches would be great. I remember a mail from jesse some months ago about the way the searchbuilder is doing this and if i’m right he searches the whole db and doing the restrictions later, the way around would be better i think, search only inside all the ticket/attachment where a user has the rights to, this is from my point of view much faster?!?

Ps: if you have success with your oracle migration pls let me know, we have planned this for next year…

To: Jesse Vincent
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Sent: Wed Aug 08 18:27:07 2007
Subject: Re: [Rt-devel] Migrating RT 3.4 from MySQL to Oracle

Hi Jesse,
No, we haven’t brought these issues to the mailing list; performance
isn’t actually that bad for most basic queries, which are of course
already index supported, but occasionally we’ll get a few people all
doing big “show me all tickets where content matches x” searches and
performance will suffer for everyone; we’ve had some issues with MySQL’s
InnoDB ibdata files getting really gigantic and sometimes preventing a
restart of MySQL; and, as you say, if we moved in an Oracle direction
we’d have the support of a team of DBAs to assist with these sorts of

One of the biggest problems we’ve had, actually, and the one that’s
pushing us in the direction of Oracle, has been a problem with running
out of memory during mysqldumps, which we use as part of our backup
process for MySQL databases. Research hasn’t turned up much: we’re
already using the --quick flag that’s often recommended to solve this
issue, with no success. If you or the fine readers of this list had any
suggestions on this one, I’d be very grateful.

At any rate, I am still interested in migrating to Oracle, as it’s a
well supported environment here, so I’ll restate my original questions:
have people made the MySQL to Oracle move? How was it accomplished?

Jeff Albert

Jesse Vincent wrote:

Hello all,
Owing to performance issues with RT on MySQL, we’re looking at moving
to RT on Oracle; unfortunately, the documentation on this migration
process on the wiki is somewhat lacking
(MySQLToOracle - Request Tracker Wiki). Have folks here
performed this migration with success? How did you go about it?

[I know this isn’t exactly an answer to your question]

Are these all performance issues you’ve raised on the mailing lists?
We’ve seen RT on MySQL scale to well over 10,000 tickets/day. But
you’re definitely going to have to tune and index. (Of course, you might
be able to push that to a DBA team if you’re switching to Oracle :wink:


Jeff Albert

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