AW: Manually Creating Approvals

Hji jeff,

Have you checked inside the db what type the newly created ticket is? It must be of type ‘approval’

Then check the rights to your approval queue, has the guy who should approve enought rights there?

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Our approval process that we need to put in place doesn’t work all that
well with the approval process as documented with templates. Our
process requires me to copy all the data from the originating ticket
then have the user populate one additional field in the approval ticket.

I have been able to create the ticket, copy the data, update the
dependencies for the ticket and display the ticket in the edit form.
However, even if I assign $ARGS{‘Type’} or $ARGS{‘type’} to be
“approval” it does not create the approval…rather that is, the ticket
shows up in the “Change Management” Queue, but does not appear in the
Approvals page as is the case when using the templates.

Can someone please point me in the direction of how I would manually
indicate that a ticket is to be an approval ticket?


Jeff Stark

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