AutoSetOwner and RT


Recently I set up the contributed scrip to AutoSetOwner onResolve, which
works great, but just now discovered that when resolving a ticket from
"The Basics" view by setting it’s status to ‘resolved’ and leaving owner
to ‘Nobody’ (which should mean ‘unchanged’) the scrip DOES autoset owner,
but then RT system resets the owner to Nobody.

After saving changes in basics-view, RT informs me that:

  • Ticket 26701: Status changed from ‘open’ to ‘resolved’
  • Owner changed from laas to Nobody

And in ticket history I see:

Mon Oct 09 11:36:25 2006 laas - Status changed from ‘open’ to


Mon Oct 09 11:36:26 2006 RT_System - Given to laas

Mon Oct 09 11:36:26 2006 laas - Given to Nobody

From what I gathered RT parses form input fields one-by-one thus first
triggering AutoSetOwner to change owner and after this RT sees that ticket
current owner does not match the one given in the web form and changes it
to Nobody again.

How can I correct this?