Automatically Open Tickets from Mail

Hello everyone!

For business work needs, I need to configure RT IR, but it’s not my ordinary job.
I need to automate the opening of a ticket upon arrival of an email (NOT assigning it to any user).
noi abbiamo installato RT 4.4.2; How can I do? and where can I look in the material documentation for an issue?
Thank you all


To clarify is your RT receiving an email and you want to parse the requestor who sent the email and if it is found that the requestor is a specific email address, you want to open a new ticket?

You will want to take a look at the documentation on RT scrips which let you automate actions based on conditions:

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Hi craig, thank you for the reply, my need is to open a ticket when in a certain mailbox arrives a mail with specific tag in the object.

For now i install RT on machine with Ubuntu 18.04 with web server and DB.
For configure the email which parameters should I enter here? and in which path?

Set($DatabaseType, “Pg”); #mysql | Oracle | Pg
Set($DatabaseHost, “localhost”);
Set($DatabaseRTHost, “localhost”);
Set($DatabaseUser, “rt_user”);
Set($DatabasePassword, “my_password”);
Set($DatabaseName, “rt”);

I’m following what I found here:

Thank’s a lot