AutoAssign Problems

I have downgraded to rt2-0-15 just to get the AutoAssign scrip to work with
no luck. The installation went smoothly, but I cannot get the system to
automatically assign a ticket to a user with watch and owner rights.

What I’ve done so far:

  • installed the scrip in the Action directory and ran the database insertion
    pl file.
  • checked permissions of the Action scrip and compared with the existing
  • created a scrip with “OnCreate AutoAssign with template StatusChange”
  • did a Dig search on the rt-users and rt-devel mail archives for an answer
  • no luck

The rt system log file (debug mode) gives me the following output:

[Tue Mar 25 13:06:46 2003] [warning]: Use of uninitialized value in array
dereference at /opt/rt2/lib/RT/Action/ line 94.

[Tue Mar 25 13:06:46 2003] [warning]: Use of uninitialized value in array
dereference at /opt/rt2/lib/RT/Action/ line 96.

[Tue Mar 25 13:06:46 2003] [debug]: RT::Action::AutoAssign=HASH(0x89188f0):
No recipients found. Not sending.

[Tue Mar 25 13:06:46 2003] [debug]: RT::Transaction=HASH(0x8854fdc):
Committed AutoAssign

[Tue Mar 25 13:06:46 2003] [info]: Ticket 2 created in queue ‘IT_Support’.

Has anybody done this successfully? Please help.
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