Auto-reply without creating a ticket

Hi all,
I wonder if it is possible to send an auto-reply message for a specific queue before (and without) creating the ticket ? My purpose is simply for a client that has no more contract, but users continue to send requests. I don’t want to (re)call each one, and some of them continue to send requests even already warned…
So I’ve seen that I can customize a reply for a queue in the scrip “On Create Autoreply To Requestors”, but at this moment the ticket is already created.
Some ideas ?


You can’t not have the ticket created once RT is handling it, because by the time the scrips fire off it already has been made. Two options I can see are:

  • Intercept incoming email from these clients at your mail router before it ever hits RT, and send back a canned reply there. RT never sees it and thus never creates the ticket.

  • If RT has to handle them (and thus has created the tickets) have a scrip that auto replies but also sets the ticket status to an inactive status such as deleted. This is messier, especially if you have other scrips that fire off sending emails to teams, etc because those other scrips will still fire off.

Hi Jon
thank you for quick replying. It’s complicated to intercept only some email senders on mail router.
So I’ll test the second method, what do you think about this :

  • put the specific autoreply (including the modification of ticket status) in first position global on system
  • disable it on all queue except the one concerned (or maybe, set it to “disable” by default in global and enable it only for this queue ?)
    is there a way in this case to stop processing other scrips at end of the specific autoreply scrip when it is fired by the concerned queue ?

Nope - that’s why I said it is messier than pre-filtering the incoming mail, because each scrip you add on a queue will need to check if its bad request from someone you’re not going to handle.

Of course if you’re already filtering mails from different contracts to different queues, you could have just the one autoreply-and-delete scrip on the defunct queue(s).

Yes, I already have a custom scrip that check for a custom field added to each user, indicating which is his default queue and automatically changing the queue of the ticket at creation time. So I can add an autoreply+delete scrip to the defunct queue, it will be fired when the ticket is automatically added to this user’s queue. I guess. :slight_smile:
Thank you.

Have you looked at ?
This all happens pre-create. As I recall you should be able to do all the rewrite/filtering you need here.


Hey, seems interesting !
I check that.
Thank you