Auto reply - Tittle incorrect

Hi There,

I’ve done a test email to RT and I get a reply back from it with “[ #13] AutoReply: Test 04”

My issue is that it comes back with the bracket and word after, this is causing some issue with Spam and also need this to comes as reply with the "Job number only & subject “Test 04” and nothing else.

Can anyone help on what I need to fix to make it happen?

I appreciate your help.


You can go to Admin->Global->Templates to find the auto reply template and change the subject there. You can also set the subject tag per queue via Admin->Queues->Some queue

Hi Knation,

I tried fixing it, but still the same. In fact, I don’t even know where the “[ #20]” comes from. I understand the job number(#20) but couldn’t find in the two auto-replies templates anything related to this example.

Would this be something set at another area of the configuration of RT?



The subject tag for your queue

Oh ok. Where exactly would you look for inside RT tracker?



Thanks for this post i had same issue and i can’t get solved can anyone explain why?