Auto-open ticket on create? (and some generic scrip questions)

We would essentially like to omit the ‘new’ state for tickets by
auto-opening them on creation. Does anyone have an action and condition
for doing that?

I am good with perl, but only vaguely understand how conditions and
actions and the RT system interact. I do see that I can’t use the
standard AutoOpen action because it requires something about not
$self->TransactionObj->IsInbound, and I have no idea about what that means.

Also it has a very strange comment that says “This Action will open the
BASE if a dependent is resolved” which makes it look like it’s not at
all the right thing. Maybe an old comment?

I also need an OnCreate condition, which doesn’t seem to be present in
my /opt/rt3/lib/RT/Condition dir (that’s where these things live,
right?) Could I just use StatusChange? Where do the arguments to
Conditions come from? (Specifically $self->Argument, as passed to
IsApplicable.) Also, tries to load (and doesn’t fail if not present); where would
that live normally?

Also, where would I install locally added Conditions and Actions?

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