Auto Create Users with additional data and user Group

Hi there,

we do have RT in use for Service and marketing contacts.

Now we need to achieve the following:

There are 2 major user groups:

  • Customers - They are in the user table and get synchronized with the ERP system.
    For them there is already a pitfall when they do not have email adress. We inserted dummy email adresses for now.

  • Leads: We want to track those in RT. But they shuld not be in the ERP.

Our call agents shell

  1. Check if person is konwn
  2. If not add them to user table including some adress data and custom fields
  3. entered users should get a separate group e.G. “leads”
  4. Create tickets for this persons.

What is the best way to substitute the auto creation with a new user creation dialog?