Auto-change 'depends on' ticket requestor on create


Is there any way of automatically setting ‘Depends on’ ticket requestor on creating? By default RT sets root ticket requestor for any Linked tickets. I need to auto-change it to a current user who’s creating new dependent ticket.

Any thoughts on it?

Many thanks!

I don’t actually see that in my RT, I see the default owner set to “Nobody”. Is there a chance you have a scrip running to set owner? Or are these linked tickets being created automatically from a template?

Nope, nothing got changed there. For instance I have a Ticket created by a John Smith and in case I’m creating a Depends on linked ticket a Linked Ticket creation form appears with John Smith as new dependend ticket requestor.

Oh requestor is different than owner, so you want the requestor set to the current user?

Yeah definitely, requestor sure!

Gonna correct my messages before.

On the server you can edit the code with a callback:


$ARGSRef->{'Requestors'} = $session{'CurrentUser'}->EmailAddress;

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Thank you VERY MUCH!!!