Auto assignments on email ingest scrip


Is it possible to scip or script where incoming email to the q is from one or more matching people, automatically assign an owner based on the person in the cc.

E.g. If my manager sends an email to our RT queue and includes me as a bcc or cc, can that ticket be automatically assigned to me?

It is possible to assign an owner based on a CC name. [I don’t know how, sorry.]
It is a bad idea, because you cannot prevent the CC from holding multiple names, and if it has more than one, which one does it go to? How does everyone know to assign a particular person to that ticket? If that person changes their position, or worse, leaves the company, hoe does the sender know this, and who do they use in place of that name.
Much better to auto assign the ticket when it enters a queue without an owner to the person in charge of the queue.

Thanks Jeff - your response is valid, which is why i would only use this rule in the case of some very specific people, eg my manager raising tickets for me…

Thanks again.