Auto assignment use Extension AutoAssignment

Hi all,

I used “RT::Extension::AutomaticAssignment” to automatically assign the ticket to the owner, I created a user CF to set the user’s check-in status, but I can’t figure out how to check the user CF (check in status) in the filter before assigning . Is there any examples or samples that I can check with?

I’ve not used this extension myself but looking at that screen shot the User Defined block looks like it just wants some perl code from you, with $User instantiated by the extension to be user object for each potential user. So maybe something like this in there?

if($User->CustomFieldValuesAsString('CheckInStatus') eq 'checkedin') {
  return 1;
} else {
  return 0;

Obviously you’ll need to tweak that a bit. :slight_smile:

It works. I use CustomFieldValues therefore it cannot check the user CF.

Many thanks!