Auto-assign the ticket based on Location

Hi Team

Is it possible to Auto-assign the ticket to a Particular User/Queue Admin based on the location?

Example: I have created a Primary Queue itsupport@mydomain is it possible to create a sub-queue like blr-itspport@mydomain and bom-itsupport@mydomain
Is any one is sent a mail to blr-itspport@mydomain I want to create a ticket in the Main queue and want a map with Custom field Location(Banglore)

So you want to use one email for all incoming mail, and then once a ticket is created move it to an appropriate queue?

Or you want multiple email addresses and depending on which address an email is sent to, thats what decides which queue the email should go to?

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Hi knation
Thank you for the quick reply. I need to map the ticket with location(custom field).

Is anyone is sent a mail to itsupport@mydomain. i need to map this ticket with location and assigne. is it possible

Its possible, I guess the question is how does location get set? You could add some automation that is basically “On location set, change queue” using a RT::Scrip


Perhaps have a look at and see if you can write a classifer (Scrip) that pulls apart the email address for the location?

It might be easier if you use itsupport+blr@mydomain as most mail systems will map +@domain to the mailbox.