Authentication Error

I am performing an upgrade from 4.2.10 to 4.4.4, and I am currently stuck trying to get user authentication to work properly with our AD server.

Currently, when I log into RT, I get a page with the message:

An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details in RT’s log files.

Though simply refreshing the webpage yields a fully functioning RT, and I am signed in with the user that I logged in with.

And the syslog yields this error:

RT::User::ExternalAuthId Unimplemented in RT::Record. (/opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/ line 954) #012#012Stack:#012

Any troubleshooting tips or advice would be appreciated.

In your do you have a line in the $LDAPMapping variable hash that has a key of ExternalAuthId?

If you do, try commenting out that line in the hash, flush the Mason cache and restart the web server.

I did indeed have such a line. Removing it like you said resolved the issue.