Auth_pgsql and the RT database

Just FYI,

I’ve implemented a simple SOAP interface for my RT-based application
and for that I needed Apache to restrict access to certain s
based on username/password from the RT database (in my case Postgresql).

The solution was to use auth_pgsql:

LoadModule auth_pgsql_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/

combined with:

AuthName "RT SOAP Authentication"
AuthType basic
require valid-user

Auth_PG_host localhost
Auth_PG_port 5432
Auth_PG_user rtuser
Auth_PG_pwd XXXXXX
Auth_PG_database rtdb
Auth_PG_pwd_table users
Auth_PG_uid_field name
Auth_PG_pwd_field "encode(decode( password || ‘==’ ,‘base64’), ‘hex’)"
Auth_PG_encrypted on
Auth_PG_hash_type MD5

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