Attempting to move from rt2.x to rt 3.4.5, using rt2-to-rt3

First question I have, of course, is whether this is possible or whether
I need to try and find an older version of rt3 to aim at.

Second question:

My rt2-to-dumpfile works fine. I think. No errors anyway.

When I run dumpfile-to-rt3, I get the following error:

uCreating user Unnamed user 1182
.Failed to create user for$VAR1 = {
‘CryptedPassword’ => undef,
‘Name’ => ‘Unnamed user 1182’

repeated umpteen billion times.

Now, clearly, its try to build a new user for each ticket. My question
is: why?

Is this an error with the version of rt2 I have vs the 1.23 rt2-to-rt3
Is this an error of the verison of rt3 I have vs the script?

Or is this simply a config error I made somewhere when getting ready to
run the script?

Any help you can give me would be very appreciated. I apologize if I’ve
left something out.