Attachments management in RTIR 5.0.3

Hi all,
probably is an old/resolved problem, but I cannot find an easy (nor complicated) way to manage attachments within the tickets.
Suppose I receive a mail M, in Incident Reports, with an attachment A from X, regarding both Y and Z.

Following our policies, I have to remove the original attachment A and forward the mail M to Y and Z, attaching only the subset regarding Y to Y and the one for Z to Z.

If I create an Incident from Incident Report, and forward it, I loose original mail M. Attached eml is empty.
Then I can open an investigation from the above incident, click on include report, forward … and attached eml is empty too.

In “simple” RT, I can at least choose if to include or not the attachment in reply or forward.

Is there anyone with the same problem (or better, someone resolved it)?

Thanks in advance for your help