Attachments - Long Processing Time, Failing

I have two file attachment questions to throw out to you all:

  1. Has anyone else experienced long processing times with file
    attachments in RT?
  • In other words, when you submit a ticket with an attachment (for
    example, suppose it is a .jpg), does RT take a longer time than expected
    to process that ticket and to send out a reply?
  • As the size of the attachment increases, the longer (and by a
    noticeable difference) RT takes to process the ticket. Even sending a
    1MB attachment takes up to a minute for RT to process and send out the
    auto reply.
  • RT is all but unusable during this period.
  1. I will at times get a message back from RT stating in the subject,
    “Ticket Creation Failed,” with the following text in the body, “Ticket
    could not be created due to an internal error.” If I restart the web
    server, everything seems to be fine. Any ideas?
  • Version Information *
    RT: 3.4.1
    Perl: 5.8.4
    Apache2: 2.052

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.