Attachment Problem

With apologies if this should have gone to rt-users.

I’ve been working on a ticket, trying to attach a bitmap image. I
submitted the attachment and the message I typed into the text box
appeared but there was no link to the attached bitmap.

I converted the bitmap to a jpeg and resubmitted it. This time the
attachment appeared as expected. For grins, I changed the suffix of the
attachment in the URL from jpg to bmp and hit enter, the bmp attachment
appeared, sort of.

I right-clicked on the image and checked the properties and it said the
image was a jpeg. Just for fun, I changed the the suffix to “blah” and hit
enter, the browser displayed the jpg again. Thinking this was some sort of
IEeeeee caching disfunction, I killed the browser and tried it again using
the URL with a bogus suffix. The results were the same.

What’s going on here? I’ve just started to look over dhandler.

Dave Hull
Senior Information Technology Analyst
The University of Kansas
voice: (785) 864-0403 || fax: (785) 864-0485