Attachment filenames that include spaces

I am having an issue with a new installation of RT. Everything else is up
and running and configured when I noticed one oddity before releasing it to
our internal support staff.

If I attach a file to an email submission that has no spaces in the file
name then it will add the attachment to the ticket. When I go into RT and
click on the attachment name the attachment is loaded into the browser
without issue.


If I attach a file to an email submission that includes spaces in the file
name it will still add the attachement to the ticket but if I click on the
link added to the ticket the browser displays a red “X” only and the browser
URL has the name of the file at the end with the filename escaped with the
%20 replacing the space in the file name.

Attaching “Error Messsage.jpg” results in "

I think I need to parse the attachment file name before it is created and
replace the spaces with “_” in order to work around this so I added some
code to but it didn’t seem to do anything.

Has anyone run accross this and/or know where I might need to work around