Attachements disappear is over set size, not according to config

Hi all, re my previous error, domestic blindness :slight_smile: missed the nfo in the README just copying over transactions dir atm, just haven a look for the transaction dir on the RT2 box, cant seem to find it, did a find on transactions no luck, only found the transactions.tar in /opt/rt2/ . I trolled the couldn’t find a point to the transaction dir. So i’ve made a transactions dir in /opt/rt2/ not sure if will work, where is the transaction directory set?

in relation to my problem with attachments, it’s got me stumped, seems like it just cant accept files ~ > 900K, largest ive been able to get through was 846K.

my attachment size in is set to $MaxAttachmentSize = 10000000; it should work shouldn’t it? anyone have anyideas where i could look to see where abouts its going astray. Ive checked over my sendmail.conf, and cant see any attachment size limitation setting, im at a lose, any suggestions greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

thanks michael