Attach: Drop files here or click to attach .. Greyed out , disabled

Suddenly I have a couple of users who can’t add attachments to tickets , via update or comment… The Drop file area is greyed out and not opening the file explorer window.
I have n’t made any changes to the code and in particular the javascript/jquery side of it … one of the users confirmed they had a windows update last night , however both her IE edge and Chrome are effected … and the other user have the same issue with both IE and firefox 67.0.1 …
we have another 30 -> 40 users that have n’t complained so assuming all is fine …
What can cause this to happen suddenly ?? I am sure its javascript/jquery issue , but what ??
Any suggestions will be hugely appreciated


Hi Roy,

I have FF 67.0.1 and have not been able to recreate the issue, are they able to attach on ticket create? That is to say it is only on the update page that this occurs?

The drop file area being greyed out is the only difference, other than that the drop zone looks the same? (Maybe include a screen shot)

Can you open the browser inspector on the page when this issue occurs and see if there is any JS error logging that could give us a hint?


Hi Craig

Many thanks for looking into this . Just like you I have FF 67.0.1 and was unable to replicate the issue …

By Friday I had 3 people reporting the problem on Firefox , chrome and Edge …

I decided to delete all cached objects and restart the web server , and miraculously this resolved the issue , and to be honest this left me even more confused …

Once again thanks for replying, and if it happens again , I will follow your advise and look for JS errors.