ATOM API summary document?

Is there a document which details the ATOM API? I can look through the
components, but that is tedious to say the least. I’m trying to
improve a custom app which uses the ATOM API, but not knowing the full
API there is no way to know if a better way exists. :slight_smile:

For instance: once method gets all the custom fields for a ticket. It
returns a hash of CF.Name => Value. But to get through this it does
the following steps:

  1. Get number of custom fields
  2. Loop from 0…$count to get the value for each CF in the Ticket
  3. Get Queue ID from Ticket
  4. Loop through CF IDs in #2 to get CF Name
  5. return hashref

This seems like a lot of extra work if there happens to be a simpler
way. If not, could this be a feature request? :slight_smile:

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