AT REST interface implementation

I have implemented a REST interface for the AT extension to RT. It
allows “rt” command querying, editing, listing etc. of assets. You can
do pretty much anything you would expect from the command line or via a
REST http conversation. Mail me if you’d like to look at it since almost
nobody has tested it much yet. It was developed with RT 3.4.5 and AT
1.2.3. There is a patch for the “rt” command and also for a dhandler in
the RT REST tree because these were never written with types other than
Tickets in mind and there were some hard coded bits that needed to be
changed. Nothing major though and these patches don’t break anything. If
anything, the dhandler patch fixes a bug in the REST interface which is
only apparent when trying to add a new type …

I’ve attached the README if anyone would like to see what you can do
with it. I’ve also just added support for AT custom link types so you
can link/query links using custom types from the command line. This
needed another modification of the “rt” command as there is a link type
check in there which could never allow for arbitrary custom link types
as it has no information about them (it’s REST, after all …)


Philip Kime
NOPS Systems Architect
310 401 0407

README.txt (3.05 KB)