At adjustment RT 3.6.5 problem with sessions

MySQL: table “sessions” in which there is a field “a_session” which type is
appropriated “longblob”. At testing for the big size of a DB (~1.5Gb) and
quantity tickets (~50000), brakes begin. Ticket opens about one minute (a lot
of tickets number is raises), perl eats all system resources, references to
DB do not occur (strace -p PID on a demon httpd at work apache with
mod_perl - gives out: time (NULL) = 1201000846). It has been noticed only
casual by image if to expose type “a_session” in “longtext” (that is not
correct type) all starts to work it is remarkable, only, naturally, sessions
cease to work.
Set ($WebSessionClass, ’ Apache:: Session:: File '); which is responsible for
storage of sessions not in a DB - as any successes has not given. Sessions
work, RT hangs. PostgreSQL: a similar situation.

Gentoo 2007.0
MySQL 5.0.44 or PostgreSQL 8.2.6
Perl 5.8.8
apache 2.2.6 with mod_perl or nginx with fastcgi 0.6.25

Best Regards, Artem A. Kuzyakov
System Administrator
AGAVA - Software Company
Tel.: +7 (495) 408-17-90