Assigning tasks to non-users?


Hi all!

I’m using RT 1.0.6… It’s a great tool.

Without getting into too many details, I’d like to be able to assign a
given task to a user that is not “defined” in rt for several reasons. 1)
because the user doesn’t necessarially want to remember yet another
password and login, and 2) because each individual user will not have
many tasks (we’ve got 70+ users, 12 of the 70 might have one task per
quarter, but it’s a random group each quarter).

Seems like a lot of work to make all the accounts. Is there a way to
assign a task to a user that isn’t in the RT database? If not, is there
a way to automatically create and maintain lots of users (and define
their passwords to be their unix passwords ala apache security?)

thanks for the help!