Assign assets (with autocomplete)

Would be nice to have it.
It is not user friendly to write to asset IDs into tickets maually.

There are functions missing:

  • assign asset by Scrip based on asset-name in subject
  • assign asset manually from webUI with autocompletion
  • assign asset by email

What are the best approaches for implementing these features?


I agree with Peter. Some type of autocomplete would be useful for new tickets. If my understanding is correct, to assign an Asset to a ticket I must:

1.Lookup the Asset ID.
2. Select the ticket.
3. Select ‘Links’.
4. type asset:ID in ‘Refers To’.
5. Save.
6. Click ‘Display’ to return to the ticket.

With use of @AssetQueues in is a little simpler.
Still need to search for Asset ID and put it into the ticket as Asset reference.

We have a custom solution from BestPractical that provides an Actions menu on the Display page for each Asset. I guess I’ve never seen the vanilla Assets functionality and am surprised to learn how difficult it is to link an Asset to a Ticket. Maybe the solutions written for us could be be rolled into core or I guess maybe cheaply customized and provided to you/others?

Here’s the functionality we use:

-From each Asset Display page we can do Actions > Create Linked Ticket which opens a little window asking which Queue to create the ticket in and telling you that it will set the Asset Owner as the Ticket Requestor. Then it takes you to the Ticket Create screen for the selected queue, ready for a subject, more Requestors, Reply/Comment, etc.

-From an Asset Search > Bulk Update screen we have a button to Create Linked Ticket which behaves the same as it does from the Asset Display Actions menu.

-From inside each Ticket we have a tiny box to “Add an asset to this ticket” which accepts an Asset # or multiple Asset #s separated by spaces. No autocomplete, which hasn’t been a problem.

With those 3 pieces of functionality we never have to directly use Links to link an asset and a ticket.

The first and third points works the same way in vanilla Assets.
Still missing autocomplete on Ticket edit/create page which is the most used way the IT operational ticket asset relation is managed.

About assets autocompletion, I’ve posted a pull request some times ago:

May I ask some help about this solution? I’m newbie, but really would like to use autocomplete to assign an asset to the ticket at links. :slight_smile: