Assets 1.0 released

Assets 1.0 – 2014-02-27

We are very happy to announce the first version of
RT::Extension::Assets, an asset tracking extension for RT 4.2.1 and
above. The extension leverages RT’s custom field architecture, making
it a very flexible platform for tracking whatever type of asset data you
need to record. It also comes with some roles and rights to allow you to
assign assets and manage access permissions.

SHA1 sums

8a57147608d5fd70c2148b69ead439a20358ae7a RT-Extension-Assets-1.0.tar.gz
c8b3e057ceef5f91069e8d4cfc4bf93cff036b41 RT-Extension-Assets-1.0.tar.gz.asc

  • Alex

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