Asset saved search, is it possible?


We are currently using RT version 5.0. I installed the Assets plugin in order to keep track of our spare parts (hard drives, SSD, power supplies, etc). We want to know where are the spare parts located and how many we have in stock. I have been able to create an initial catalog for spare parts but I find it very tiresome to have to go through a “simple search” each time I want to look into my stock of spare parts.

Is there a form to save searches for Assets so that I could create for example a search where only the “new hard drives” are displayed?

In your user experience, is it good to use the Asset plugin to keep track of the spare parts or is it better to simply use a dedicated inventory (asset management) system?

Thx in advance.

Can you save an asset search on the asset query builder page? Assets->new search? Also do you have an assets extension installed for RT 5? Assets should be core now

You’re right. No plugin, I had the plugin on a previous version. Now on RT 5 I have the core assets.

I went into “Assets->new search” and there is no option to save the search.

You don’t have that option in the asset query builder? I am on 5.0.2, so could be that

Do you have the options to save regular searches? You may be missing the “Create, modify and delete saved searches” permission.

I was missing the following:
Allow creation of saved searches
Allow loading of saved searches

Now, we’ll see if the saved searches do the trick for what we need.

Another thing. I added “Find an asset” to RT at a glance but if I search with it the result always comes back empty. Any ideas?

Do you have rights to see the assets you’re searching for? How are you searching?