Article list on Ticket response (autocomplete or dropdown?)

We have a hosted RT (5.0.3) instance and I have a query about adding articles to ticket responses. The Include Article: field has an autocomplete, but I think in the previous version we used it was a dropdown list. Some users are finding the autocomplete version difficult to use (probably because they are not yet familiar with all the articles) and asked if this could be changed to a dropdown? I can’t see an option in the system to change the behaviour of this field - can anyone tell me if this is possible?

I’ve just had a response from BestPractical support about this which solved this for me:

There is a configuration option DropdownMenuLimit that controls how many records max to show in a dropdown before switching to an autocomplete. Your number of articles must be over that limit (which I checked and that is set to 50 for you currently).

You can change that setting yourself but it affects anywhere a dropdown control is used and not just for Articles.:

  1. Go to Admin → Tools → System Configuration
  2. Click the Edit tab on the top right
  3. Click The Web Interface tab on the left side of the screen
  4. Click Ticket options on the left side of the screen
  5. Scroll down and you will see the DropdownMenuLimit option
  6. Change the value and click the Save Changes button at the bottom