Archiving/deleting tickets in RT3

Hello everybody,

bothering you once more…

Loking at an RT system that has grown for several years, I found that
most tickets aren’t being looked at anymore when they’re older than,
say, one year or so. But these tickets are still in the database, have
to be indexed and cause the DB to slow down over time.

I thought of “moving” tickets older than a certain age off to a
read-only “archive” database that’s running on a separate machine, with
a separate web server etc. For the case that a ticket isn’t found in the
"current" RT environment, a link to the archive could easily be added to
the templates. This should do for most situations.

Any caveats? Is there a clean way to do this via the RT API?


I too believe this is a very important issue that should be addressed at
some point with some included tools/defined process.

Perhaps RT could be made aware that any TicketID lower than a certain
number should cause it to generate links to the a different system
(maybe using the meta URI stuff). As long as those tickets are moved
out, they should no longer show up in search results, etc, so the only
place where they would break is references from later tickets. Of
course many of these displayed references include the
subject/status/owner etc of the tickets, so I am not sure how that would
be handled.

Of course this all may be an over-simplification, with very little
understanding all of the table joins, etc that are performed for
referenced tickets.

To do it right, you would probably also want a way to search the “Entire
RT DB, including archive” from a single search page.

Just my two cents…