Approvals setup - working 75%, but

I am running the following:

FreeBSD 4.10, Apache-1.3.31, mod_perl-1.29, rt-3.2.1, MySQL-3.23.58

I have migrated from rt-2.0.15 to rt-3.2.1 and now playing with the
Approvals thing.

I have read posts to rt-users and even the doco by RT head honcho.
At the expense of being seen as a big dimwit, I have the Approval
working for a queue, but I want to ask: Why can’t I view the
body/contents of the approval ticket?

When I go to the queue Approvals, I see approval tickets. However, no
hyperlink at all gives me the ticket content so that I can decide
whether to approve or deny.

Am I missing the point?

   - wash 

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Here is my template. We assign the owner of the approval ticket based
on a custom field called building. The 2nd block of perl is to set
the requestor of the approval ticket to the same thing that was on the
original ticket.

===Create-Ticket: approval
Queue: MApprovals
Type: Approval
Owner: {

my %admins=(
“High School” => “karlapp”,
“Crossroads” => “karlapp”,
“Highlands” => “kpietri”,
“East” => “kpietri”,
“North” => “kpietri”,
“West” => “kpietri”,
“AltEd” => “kpietri”,
“Special Ed” => “kpietri”,
“Admin” => “kpietri”);

my $building=$Tickets{“TOP”}->FirstCustomFieldValue(9);
my $owner=$admins{$building};
if($owner eq “”){


my $requestors=$Tickets{“TOP”}->Requestors;
my @emails=$requestors->MemberEmailAddresses();
foreach $item(@emails){
$out.=“Requestor: “.$item.”\r\n”;
Depended-On-By: {$Tickets{“TOP”}->Id}
Refers-To: {$Tickets{“TOP”}->Id}
Content-Type: text/plain
Content: Your approval is requested for the ticket
{$Tickets{“TOP”}->Id}: {$Tickets{“TOP”}->Subject}

ENDOFCONTENTOn Thu, 22 Jul 2004 11:50:46 +0300, Odhiambo Washington wrote:

Check the permisions for the queue holding the ticket to be approved.
The person doing approvals needs to have the “show ticket” right in
the queue the tickets reside in.

Hi Karl,

I am superuser. So am I not supposed to be able to view the ticket
I have even given “Show Ticket and Show Ticket Comments” to some
folks on the Approvals queue, but still … no good.

What does your template look like? The standard??

Thanks for replying.


How do I quote correctly in Usenet?

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