Approvals on 3.8.4 not going to ___Approvals Queue and Attachments

Hey Everyone,

So I’ve been looking at ways to create approvals, and initially i created my own approval queue called po-approvals, created the template to create the approval ticket in it, that all worked, however, i wasn’t getting notified of the pending approval (though i could see it waiting approval) and if i denied it or approved it, it wouldn’t update the ticket. Looking further into it, i see there was a major re-do of the approvals in 3.8.2 from previous versions.

I switched my template to create the approval ticket in ___Approvals and everything then started working, email notifications, updates to the parent tickets, etc.

Is there any way to get this functionality across multiple queues?

I found:

“use constant _Queue => ‘___Approvals’;”

under /lib/RT/Approval/, can i list multiple queues? will the workflowbuilder extension do anything for me?

Also, since it’s PO’s, there are attachments coming in on the original ticket, is there anyway to actually include that attachment in the notification to the approver? There doesn’t seem to be a way to get in in using the template, but i thought i’d ask. I saw talk of adding a link, which may work also, but had problems with that. It was all on old versions, so maybe something has changed?

Any help is greatly appreciated!