Approvals by asset owner


I’m looking how to implement workflow like this: after the ticket is
created it can be associated with some asset (for example server). At
the some state of ticket lifecycle (going from new to open state, for
example) asset owner (manager) has to allow to do the change asked. What
could be the proper way of implementation? to do that with approval
mechanism? or to use some status change rights for some specific role
(assumed asset owner)? Anyone uses the workflow like this?

Best regards

We do a change management workflow with approvals, although its a bit different to yours (in our case for “normal” changes its a two stage approval of the line manager of the person putting in the change, followed the Change Advisory Board manager). This is all driven using scrips, including working out which groups get sent the approvals (the line and CAB managers are actually groups rather than individuals to allow for changes in positions, holiday cover, etc).

You could do something similar by having a scrip that generates the approval ticket with the approver set to be based on the asset attached to the change ticket. The asset could be an RT asset or (as we do) a link out to an external asset management system (in our case Snipe-IT).