Approvals and ticket creation

After extensive testing i have found that scripts that try to create
tickets on resolve of an approval ticket do not work. In the logs it
shows the template being parsed but nothing is created. (i have sent
an email on this once before with log examples) but now i am at a
point where i NEED to have this or a work around for this issue. Its
driving me mad. I needed to have this workflow setup weeks ago and
its still causing me grief. Any help would be greatly apreciated. If
any one has any idea of how i can work around this flow or has a
similar flow that is implemented please let me know.

this is to allow requesting of transportation (school field trips and
bus requests)
Work Flow:
Ticket is created
Approval is created for an administrator based on the custom field
value of building
once approved an aproval is created for the administrator of the
transportation department
once approved for the 2nd time a “work” ticket is created allowing the
request to be filled
(handed to a drive physicall then handed back for info to be
filled out in the ticket)
the work ticket is resolved and then a billing ticket is created to be
handled by accounts
billing ticket is resolved main ticket is resolved

(obviously there is various status messages sent to the requestor at
each of these steps)
The problem arrises that i cannot create this work queue ticket when
the 2nd approval is completed. And due to other work flows for
requesting other stuff the approvals really need to show up just like
the other approvals (i cant cheat and just make them regular tickets).
Thanks in advance for any help and sorry about the rambling nature of
this message.

-Karl Pietri
Northview Public Schools