Approval system - Change Management

Hi there,

The goal I am trying to establish is getting change management
implemented in RT 3.0.12. This actually means that tickets should be be
approved before the change request gets into the pending changes queue.

For this purpose I set up 4 queues:

Change - 1. Open for review

Change - 2. Awaiting Approval

Change - 3. Approved

The first one is for creation. The tickets here are reviewed and if they
contain enough information, the departments involved need to provide
approval before the change request is approved. Once approved the ticket
remains open in the Approved queue, until the change was implemented.
The ticket is then closed.

I find difficulties in getting approvals to work. I cannot really see
anything happening after I followed the instructions on these two pages.

Anyone else got any lucky in getting it to work?

With kind regards,

Sander van Knippenberg

MSc Sander van Knippenberg, Data Engineer NOC NL
Easynet Nederland B.V., Joop Geesinkweg 220, 1096 AV Amsterdam

T: +31 (0) 20 7989826
F: +31 (0) 20 7989805


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