Approval queue for network changes


OK, I’ve read the wiki on Creating Approvals In RT and

Although I have a hard time figuring out what needs to be done.

The Manager wants the ability for his staff to send emails to nsapprove

And for him to receive a notification for this email that gets put in
the ___Approvals queue.

So I enabled the ___Approvals queue, but when we send an email to it, he
gets notified as he’s a watcher,

But he does not know (or even I) what to do next… There is no Approve
button or what have you…

So what is the function exactly of the ___Approvals queue?

The templates and scripts are already there by default so I thought this
would work right out of the box, but does not seem so.

Is there a detailed howto on creating this type of approvals?

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