Approval queue - a couple questions

I have set up the approval queue for our change control. Everything seems to be fine, except two things.

  1. When a manager approves a ticket, the email to the original ticket owner or requester never goes out.
    I have a template;
    name: Approval Passed
    Desc: Notify Requestor that their ticket has been approved by some approver


Your ticket has been approved by { eval { $Approval->OwnerObj->Name } }.
Other approvals may be pending.

Approver’s notes: { $Notes }

  1. since the ticket owner never gets notified that his ticket has been approved, I told them to watch the ticket and if the link to the approval ticket is crossed out, then it is done. But, it appears most users cant see the full link - only the ticket number and owner of the approval ticket. The people who are watchers of the approval ticket can see the crossed out link. But, since the original requester cant.

Because of these two, my requesters have no idea when their tickets are approved to change.

Can any one provide any help?


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