Approval Mechanism on RT

Dear All;

We are using RT 3.8.4 for a couple of years and now we are trying to
implement and operate an Approval Mechanism for our queues. Unfortunately I
could not find a step-by-step guide or a complete tutorial for this purpose
and I tried to follow what I have found on wikia and the forums and set it
up according to those. However I could not succeed and then I decided to
write to this post and hope someone helps.

First I enabled the __Approvals queue and set up a scrip as follows:

Condition> OnCreate
Action> Create Tickets
Template > Global Template Empty
Stage > Transaction Create

Custom Condition >

===Create-Ticket: manager-approval
Queue: ___Approvals
Type: approval
Owner: my company email address
Content: Please review and approve this request.
Depended-On-By: TOP

And then I created the “Managers” group under configuration and added myself
and my group manager to the watchers of that group.

First question is that how can I force tickets in one of my queues to be
approved by me or my group manager? When I move them to the __Approval queue
manually, nothing happens? If one ticket would move to the __Approval queue,
normally would not I or my group manager be notified by mail? Do I have to
set up a scrip separately for this mailing purpose?

How can I build an Approval mechanism? Could someone please help me?