Approval for non-authorized replies


We want to know if there is a plugin or feature in RT where we can receive a “request for approval” whenever a unauthorized address responds to a ticket instead of just blocking the response (discarding it)?

We sometimes get responses from people that have two linked email addresses and the one they used is not added as CC to the ticket, therefore their response is rejected and we (as admins) get notified on the rejection. We’d like to maybe have a way to be notified if we can accept the response or if it has to be rejected.

Thx in advance.

I think you might have to handle that outside of RT, because I can’t see where/how RT would store the incoming email message whilst you decided whether ot not to all that sender to be added to the CC list.

Unless you could somehow route the incoming email into a new ticket in a separate queue, and then once you’d made your decision either delete and shred that ticket or merge it with the original one? Might need some local hacking on the RT::Interface::Email module though.

Yes, that is something we were thinking. Maybe route the response to a different queue and if needed then merge the ticket into the original one.