API Query custom fields

I’m trying to get the API to return my custom field. A ticket field called “Type” has been added to a specific queue. While the filtering seems to work fine, I am unable to figure out how to return the field value.

Custom Field is of type ‘Select one value’ and render type ‘list’
Endpoint: /REST/2.0/tickets
querystring (unencoded) looks something like this:
REST/2.0/tickets?query=CF.{Type} LIKE ‘Other’ AND Queue = ‘myqueue’&fields=Subject,Status,Created,CF.{Type},Creator&fields[Creator]=EmailAddress,RealName&per_page=100&page=1

This limits my tickets to ones that have the type field set to ‘Other’, but in the response the CF.{Type} field always comes back as empty string (’’).

From the docs it looks like you can just put “CustomFields” and get all CFs back. Does that work?

Unfortunately not, looks like that is a feature of 5.x maybe?