API and Rights


I’m using rt-3.6.1 after a migration from rt-3.0.9. Database is MySQL
Given an RT::Group object and an RT::Queue object, what is the simplest
way to grant a right such as “AdminQueue” to the group?

I’ve been trying the following without any joy:

... my $rt_group = RT::Group->new(RT::SystemUser); my $rt_queue = RT::Queue->new(RT::SystemUser);

$rt_group->LoadUserDefinedGroup(“test admins”);
$rt_queue->Load(“test queue”);

my $principal = $rt_group->PrincipalObj;

$principal->GrantRight(Right => “AdminQueue”, Object => $rt_queue);

However, when I run that code I get the following message:
[Mon Oct 30 16:28:33 2006] [crit]: 1 (/opt/rt/lib/RT/ACE_Overlay.pm:907)
[Mon Oct 30 16:28:33 2006] [crit]: Can’t load a principal for id


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