Apache Redirect Problem with RT v 3.6.1


I have a RT instance v 3.2.2 running which should be updated to 3.6.1.

I used all the Update scripts and in the beginning there haven’t been
big problems.

The server which I run all RT Instances on is not available directly
from the Internet.

There is a server in a DMZ which handles all the access for Apaches and
redirects it to the different server in the LAN


ServerAdmin postmaster@ test.testdomain.com

ServerName test.testdomain.com

RewriteEngine On

RewriteOptions 'inherit'

RewriteRule ^/(.*)$$1 [proxy]

This configuration works perfect with Version 3.2.2 and 3.4.1 (another
instance which runs on the system).

In the beginning this seems to work for 3.6.1 as well, but as soon as I
started to search for Tickets and when I created Tickets the RT Tool
returned the wrong URL.

Instead of


the RT returned

in the browser.

The same problem appears while trying to create tickets.

I found a workaround by commenting out part of the
RT::Interface::Web::Redirect function:


sub Redirect {

my $redir_to = shift;

untie $HTML::Mason::Commands::session;

my $uri = URI->new($redir_to);

my $server_uri = URI->new($RT::WebURL);

# If the user is coming in via a non-canonical

# hostname, don't redirect them to the canonical host,

# it will just upset them (and invalidate their credentials)

#if ($uri->host  eq $server_uri->host && 

#    $uri->port eq $server_uri->port) {

#        $uri->host($ENV{'HTTP_HOST'});

#        $uri->port($ENV{'SERVER_PORT'});

#    }




I am just wondering, is this a configuration problem, does this problem
only appear because of the special circumstances or is it a bug?

Here is also information which might be the problem: The URL for the RT
Version 3.2.2 was www.testdomain.com http://www.testdomain.com/ and
not test.testdomain.com like it is at the moment. This configuration
doesn’t look like the problem to me, because I also get wrong redirects
to the IP when I create tickets.


Markus Scheffknecht