Anyone using DTRT? How does one install it?

Hi Folks!

Just wondering if anyone is using DTRT, and wouldn’t mind giving the list
their opinion, and some ideas on how to install it. I’m interested in it
since I’ve seen a few postings on the other lists about it’s integration
with RT.


Michael K. Brown
Lab Technician
ATM Engineering Services - Lab Services
Tel: (613) 784-4354

I whacked it into my existing RT installation,
I’ve never really looked into to the scheduler though…

  • Where it’s supposed to schedule tickets for available resources
    and then generate an overview / Gantt chart for all of them…

What I failed at was getting it to respect Starts date and to just shcedule
without a DUE date.

I was gonna do that later…

I use it mainly from the Project view to Generate a Holding Ticket for
alotta SubTasks…